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Information Technology
Information Technology
Magneto-Inductive Transmitter With Electrically Modulated Reluctance
WARF: P180254US01

Inventors: John Booske, Nader Behdad, Nathan Strachen

The Invention
A magneto-inductive transmit antenna is provided that includes a shield formed of a magnetic material, a magnetic field source mounted on a first side of the shield, and a coil wrapped around the shield to define a number of turns. The coil is configured to conduct a current therethrough. The magnetic material is configured to exhibit a change in permeability based on the current conducted through the coil when the current is conducted through the coil. The change in permeability is configured to modulate a magnetic field of the magnetic field source. The magnetic field is modulated relative to a second side of the shield opposite the first side when the permeability is changed.
Additional Information
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