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Information Technology
Information Technology
System And Method For Automatically Generating Split Screen For A Video Of A Dynamic Scene
WARF: P190066US01

Inventors: Michael Gleicher, Remi Ronfard, Vineet Ghandi, Moneish Kumar

The Invention
A system and method for automatically generating split screen for a video of a dynamic scene is disclosed. The system generates the split screen by (a) obtaining the video of the dynamic scene, (b) detecting one or more objects in the video, (c) selecting one or more shot specifications for the one or more objects, (d) automatically cropping the dynamic scene of the one or more objects based on selected shot specifications, (e) automatically selecting a layout configuration for the split screen based on the cropped dynamic scenes to partition a display screen of a computing unit, (f) optimizing the split screen, (g) automatically generating the split screen by depicting (i) an overview of an original shot of the video in a top half and (ii) the cropped dynamic scenes in the one or more partition views of a bottom half and (h) displaying the split screen to a user.
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