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Radiation Therapy
Radiation Therapy
Multi-Purpose Catheter For Brachytherapy And Intratumoral Injection
WARF: P190102US02

Inventors: Zachary Morris, Justin Jagodinsky, Jason Wang, Rebecca Gillis, Nur Amira Binti Mohd Razuan, Alexis Locsin, Jiacomo Beckman, Gabriella Medeiros Simas, Tirhas Dempsey, Hayley Raj

The Invention
A single treatment catheter is provided for delivery of brachytherapy radiation in combination with intratumoral injection into tumor tissue with a single skin and tumor insertion site. The catheter also enables precise delivery of anti-cancer agents, such as immunotherapy or other medical substances, to specific locations within the tumor with radiographic confirmation of the injection delivery area and location.
Additional Information
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