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AIDS Module
WARF: P88113US

Inventors: David Gustafson, Eric Boberg, Donald Earl Bricker, Haile Berhe, Margaret Wise, Robert Hawkins, Anthony Peressini, Kris Bosworth, Brian Thorson, Suzanne Pingree, Fiona McTavish, Betta Owens, Timothy Tillotson, Lisa Gentz Risberg, Paul Grossberg, Karen Graney McKinney, Pin Luarn, Virginia Mayo Black, Chien-Lung Chan

The Invention
The invention is a computer program which provides adolescents with AIDS related information. The program is incorporated with the Body Awareness Resource Network (BARN) computer software program (q.v.) as an additional module. BARN is a computer-based resource that provides confidential, nonjudgmental health information for adolescents. The BARN system includes targeted lists of professional health resources.
Additional Information
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