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Golf Technique Improvement Aid
WiSys: T170043US02

Inventors: Samuel Hunt

WiSys is currently seeking strategic partners in the golf training aid and accessories market that are interested in further developing this golf swing improvement tool for production-scale manufacturing, ultimately providing a path to market for commercialization.
To improve their game, many golfers seek the assistance of professional instructors and training tools with emphasis often focused on the golf swing. During the swing, an important skill is the ability to control the relationship between the golf club and the golfer’s leading arm. Variations in this relationship result in different ball velocities and trajectories but are very difficult for the golfer to perceive during practice strokes. While there are many aids on the market that attempt to address this problem, they do not provide precise and continuous feedback for indicating correct and incorrect form. Additional drawbacks include designs that are restrictive, uncomfortable and do not accommodate varied forearm shapes and grip techniques.
The Invention
A former professional golfer and University of Wisconsin-Green Bay graduate has developed a novel training aid that improves golf performance by keeping a golfer’s arms and club aligned properly throughout the swing. This innovative tool attaches to a golf club and can be adjusted to fit users with varied grip styles and forearm sizes. It is designed with a unique offset hinge system that enables the golfer to experiment with a continuous range of variations in the arm-to-club relationship during the swing and gives feedback when incorrect motion occurs.
  • Golf training tool used by golf instructors and golfers;
Key Benefits
  • Provides continuous feedback throughout golf swing;
  • Accomodates individual grip styles and forearm shapes;
  • Reinforces proper club alignment habits.
Stage of Development
A prototype demonstrating the usefulness of the device has been developed and is shown in the video at this link: https://www.wbay.com/content/news/Local-Inventor-Aims-to-Help-Your-Golf-Swing-481670661.html.