Build It, Badgers!

Attend campus-wide prototype event

Participate in a first-ever FREE event intended to connect makers and developers of all sorts, from artists to engineers, software designers to tinkerers.

  • Hear flash talks from makers
  • Enjoy keynotes from industry and campus leaders
  • Network with resources and innovators

Attend all or part of the day

Event Agenda

9 a.m.
Welcome and Overview of Campus Prototype Building Activities
Interim Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education, Steve Ackerman
10 a.m.
Flash Talks: Building Better Research

Featuring devices and instruments created to help an individual’s or lab’s research
11 a.m.
Poster Session
Keynote Presentation: Importance of Academic Building and Design to Industry

Tom Foo, GE Research (lunch served)
1 p.m.
Flash Talks: An Eye on the Prize

Highlighting prototypes as early stage concepts for eventual products
2 p.m.
Panel: Building a Community of Makers
Kevin Eliceiri, Morgridge Institute for Research; Greg Keenan, WARF Accelerator
3 p.m.
Flash Talks: Going Beyond a Prototype

Featuring groups that have turned their initial prototypes into products
4 p.m.
Posters and Reception
5 p.m.
Evening Keynote: The Importance of Academic Design to Global Engineering

Nirmala Ramanujam, Duke University

 This program is presented by WARF Accelerator, a WARF program that provides targeted funding and industry expertise to commercially promising projects. Learn more at