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WARF Essential Topics Series

About the Essential Topics Series

WARF's Essential Topics Series explores timely topics with a campus audience. Presentations have covered updates on relevant legislation such as the America Invents Act, others have featured campus researchers talking about novel discoveries and much more.


Rising to Meet the Moment:
Transforming UW-Madison's Innovation Ecosystem Through Inclusion, Research and Creativity

October 6

How do we address the challenges of the present moment, including the current pandemic and barriers to women and people of color in accessing the instruments of entrepreneurship and technology commercialization? Join us for a virtual discussion with leaders from the campus community.


  • Chancellor Rebecca Blank
  • Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education Steve Ackerman
  • Interim Chief Diversity Officer Cheryl Gittens
  • Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Strategic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Administration Tracy Williams-Maclin
  • WARF CEO Erik Iverson
  • Chair of the WARF Board of Trustees James Berbee
  • Managing Director of University Research Park Aaron Olver (moderator)


NSF Broader Impacts:
Fostering Connections to Expand the Societal Benefits of Basic Research

October 16 | 2-3 p.m. | Webinar

From its broader impacts funding category to its support of Advancing Research Impact on Society (ARIS), the National Science Foundation has increasingly prioritized situating its funded research in terms of its impact in improving large systemic societal problems. How is this funding fostering the participation of interdisciplinary individuals and institutions in the projects it supports? Where are they going next in reaching beyond STEM for expertise in its funded projects?

Join us for a special #WiSciFest edition of Essential Topics featuring Fleming Crim, NSF’s chief operating officer. Don’t miss the discussion as he addresses the evolving culture at NSF to better and more broadly impact society and address creative solutions to underlying problems, and what that can mean for the greater scientific community.


Moving COVID-19 Inventions to Market:
What Can We Do and What Should We Do?

October 21 | 4-5 p.m. | Webinar

Researchers from a vast array of disciplines have turned their creative and inventive energy to addressing the COVID-19 crisis in ways unparalleled in human history. How do we as a campus, country and society ensure that these discoveries are developed into products for those who need them?

Join innovators and experts in business ethics and technology transfer as they talk about what is happening on campus and around the country to respond to the innovations emerging in the wake of the pandemic.


  • Kevin Noonan, McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP
  • Gene Quinn, IP Watchdog
  • Pilar Ossorio, UW–Madison and Morgridge Institute for Research
  • Dave Beebe, UW–Madison
  • Jeanine Burmania, WARF
  • Lennon Rodgers, UW–Madison
  • Justin Anderson, WARF (moderator)

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