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Showcasing the great work of WARF and UW-Madison. Explore past programs and events, learn more about WARF and our impact on innovation and entrepreneurship, and see first-hand UW-Madison research making a difference in the world.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

WARF Essential Topics: Understanding the Global Plastics Problem to Inform Solutions | 11.2.22

Entrepreneurons: Lessons Learned: UW-Madison Student Startup Founders Share Their Stories and Where They Go from Here | 10.13.22

WARF Essential Topics: Partnering with Defense and Security Agencies | 4.18.22

Entrepreneurons: The Black Business Hub and UW-Madison | 4.12.22

Entrepreneurons: Sustainability as a Business Proposition | 2.24.22

Entrepreneurons: Building a Winning Startup Team: Dos, Don’ts and Maybes | 11.10.21

WARF and UW-Madison Host Guests from U.S. Army | 10.18.21 – Forum

WARF and UW-Madison Host Guests from U.S. Army | 10.18.21 – Breakout

Entrepreneurons: Innovation and Entrepreneurship on Campus: From STEM to STEAM and Beyond | 10.6.21

Justifying Sustainable Behavior in the Business World

Force for Positive Change: Stories That Expand Our Moral Imagination | 4.7.21

Celebrating Wisconsin’s Forces for Positive Change | 4.7.21

Entrepreneurons: Operational Pivots: Creating a Sustainable Business Model During Crisis | 4.7.21

Rural Prosperity, Sustainability and Innovation in Wisconsin | 4.7.21

From Toxic Donut to Truax Field, How Structural Racism Harms People & The Planet | 4.7.21

Designing a Career with Purpose | 4.7.21

Realizing Margin & Impact Along with Your Nonprofit Mission | 4.7.21

Defining Impact Metrics for Social Entrepreneurs | 4.7.21

Entrepreneurons: Companies Making Positive Social Change | 4.7.21

Happy Holidays from WARF – 2020

WARF Innovation Day 2020

Entrepreneurons: Entrepreneurship and Venture Funding, Post-COVID | 11.12.20

Entrepreneurons: Exploring Your Business Idea Using the Business Model Toolbox | 11.11.20

Entrepreneurons: Venture Studios as an Emerging Model for Innovation | 11.9.20

WARF Essential Topics: Moving COVID-19 Inventions to Market | 10.21.20

WARF Essential Topics: NSF Broader Impacts with COO Fleming Crim | 10.16.20

WARF Essential Topics: Rising to Meet the Moment | 10.6.20

Part Two: How the Endless Frontier Act Will Catalyze Innovation and Economic Growth

CleanTech Forum: Advancing Wisconsin’s Green Manufacturing Economy | 8.26.20

Why Midwest Assets Are Vital for Growth | 8.11.20

Entrepreneurons: Wisconsin’s Food Supply Chain | 6.30.20

Entrepreneurons: Social Entrepreneurs Finding Resilience During the COVID-19 Crisis | 5.12.20

Entrepreneurons: Wisconsin as an Innovation Hub | 11.12.19

Entrepreneurons: Social Entrepreneurship: Doing Well While Doing Good | 10.7.19

CleanTech Forum: Clean Energy Policy in Wisconsin: Administration View | 9.26.19

Entrepreneurons: Innovation Roadmap: Ready, Set, Go! | 9.12.19

CleanTech Network Forum: Clean Energy Policy in Wisconsin: Advocacy View | 8.27.19

Entrepreneurons: Launching a Food Enterprise: Learn from the Masters | 3.4.19

Innovation Roadmap Speaker: Xiaohoa Michelle Ching | 12.4.18

Innovation Roadmap Speaker: Eric Apfelbach | 11.14.18

Innovation Roadmap Speaker: Kristen Berman | 10.12.18

Innovation Roadmap Speaker: Zainab Ghadiyali | 9.20.18

WARF Essential Topics: Sowing Solutions Through UW & Industry Partnerships | 5.16.18

Entrepreneurons: Navigating Conflicts of Interest | 4.10.18

Entrepreneurons: Starting Up on a Decentralized Campus: Top 10 Challenges | 3.20.18

Entrepreneurons: Defining the Market Opportunity | 2.28.18

Entrepreneurons: Startup Serendipity and Strategy | 2.19.18

Entrepreneurons: Building Bridges to Launch | 11.8.17