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WARF Venture Updates

WARF Ventures invests in select startup companies within the UW community. The team provides focused support and resources to advance technologies from UW–Madison and the Morgridge Institute for Research.

Since the last Accelerator Pipeline (October 2020), WARF Ventures made investments in early stage companies working to make data analytics more accessible, improve patient outcomes and solve other critical problems. Visit warf.org/ventures to learn more.


Utilizes the power of quantum physics to build computer hardware and software with potential capabilities beyond traditional computing.


DateChat homeDataChat

Conversational business intelligence platform.

Elucent Medical homeElucent Medical

Innovative breast tumor removal procedure.



Gregor Diagnostics homeGregor Diagnostics

Screening and determination of the aggressiveness of prostate cancer.


Leo Cancer Care/Asto CT

Stand-up CT scanner and radiotherapy system that reduce the cost of radiotherapy and improve cancer patient outcomes through upright positioning.


Atrility Medical homeAtrility Medical

Medical device startup commercializing the AtriAmp, which allows for direct monitoring of atrial electrical signals in existing bedside monitors. The first article on the AtriAmp was just published.