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This issue of the Pipeline includes the first of what will become a recurring section, bringing you updates on WARF Ventures startup investments. Several of the technologies behind WARF Ventures investments have roots in WARF Accelerator.

WARF Ventures formally launched this past November to invest in select startup companies within the UW community. The team provides focused support and resources to advance technologies from UW-Madison and the Morgridge Institute for Research.

In FY 2020, WARF Ventures made investments in these early stage companies working to empower physicians, fight cancer and solve other critical problems. Visit warf.org/ventures to learn more.


AIQ Solutions

AI-enabled software platform which uses a Software as a Service (SaaS) business model to provide clinical decision support to physicians as they treat patients.

Founding technology from Prof. Robert Jeraj (medical physics)


Lynx Biosciences

Oncology diagnostic company utilizing microfluidics to rapidly advance cancer drug candidates and enable individualized treatment options.

Founding technology from Prof. Dave Beebe (biomedical engineering)


PROMISS Diagnostics

Globally accessible, non-invasive and precise diagnostic test for ovarian cancer.

Founding technology from Prof. Halcyon Skinner


Stuart Therapeutics

Preclinical therapeutic company developing a treatment for dry eye disease, based on collagen mimetic peptide technology.

Founding technology from Prof. Ron Raines (biochemistry)


Asto CT 

Stand-up CT scanner and radiotherapy system to “improve quality of life for horses and ensure peace of mind for their owners.”

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Founding technology from Morgridge Institute for Research PIs Robert Swader (lead) and Rock Mackie