Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

WARF Startup Portfolio Stats

WARF holds equity in more than 30 of these companies, and more than 50 are located in Wisconsin. Some of these companies have achieved IPO status as publicly traded companies and have been acquired by large, well-established companies, such as Roche, Johnson & Johnson and Hologic.


Ab E home

Ab E Discovery, LLC

Antibiotic-free strategy to promote natural immune functioning in animal agriculture

AdvantiGen Biosciences home

AdvantiGen Biosciences LLC

Innovative detection reagents and technologies

AIQ Solutions home

AIQ Solutions, Inc.

Artificial intelligence to evaluate treatment response in complex diseases.

Co-D Therapeutics home

Archeus Technologies, Inc.

Innovative cancer drug development

Aruna Bio home

ArunA Biomedical, Inc.

Stem cell research tools

Assistra Technologies home

Assistra Technologies, LLC

Self-serve kiosk design and services for people with sensory or mobility impairment.

Asterias home

Asterias Biotherapeutics, Inc.

Therapies based on pluripotent stem cells

Atrility Medical home

Atrility Medical

Device to improve atrial arrhythmia diagnosis.

BellBrook Labs home

BellBrook Labs, LLC

Provide innovative and optimization tools for researchers around the world.

BioSentinel home

BioSentinel Inc

Rapid, sensitive tests for the detection of botulinum neurotoxins (BoNT)

Brain Xell home

BrainXell, Inc.

Highly enriched neuronal and glial cells

Bridge to Life home

Bridge to Life Limited

Flushing and cold-storage solutions for organ transplants of the liver, kidney and pancreas

C-motive home

C-Motive Technologies

The world's lightest, most powerful non-rare earth electric motors and non-contact power transfer devices

Calimetrix home

Calimetrix, LLC

MRI phantoms for quantitative imaging

Cellular Logistics home

Cellular Logistics, Inc.

Cardiovascular cell therapy.

Centrose home

Centrose LLC

Precision therapies for advanced forms of cancer

Chess Health home

CHESS Mobile Health, Inc.

Ongoing mobile support and relapse prevention for people recovering from alcohol-use disorders

Co-D Therapeutics home

Co-D Therapeutics, Inc.

Innovative cancer drug development.

Cynata Therapeutics home

Cynata Incorporated

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) for therapeutic use

DateChat home

DataChat, Inc.

Conversational intelligence platform.

Design Therapeutics home

Design Therapeutics, LLC

Therapy development for degenerative disorders caused by nucleotide repeat expansions.

Dianomi Therapeutics home

Dianomi Therapeutics, Inc.

Mineral Coated Microparticle technology treatment targeting autoimmune diseases.

Flue Gen home

FluGen, Inc.

Influenza vaccines

Galilei BioSciences home

Galilei BioSciences, Inc.

Developing sitruin drugs

GlucanBio home

Glucan Biorenewables, LLC

Economical biomass conversion

Green Bay Tech home

GreenBay Technologies, Inc.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning for data management.

Gregor Diagnostics home

Gregor Diagnostics Inc.

Screening and determination of the aggressiveness of prostate cancer.

Hello! Loom home

Hello Loom, LLC

Hand-held loom

HT Micro home

HT Microanalytical, Inc.

Metal microfabricated products

Hubble Therapeutics LLC

Gene therapy for pediatric patients with a retinal blinding disease.

IVMD home

Integrated Vital Medical Dynamics (iVMD)

Software that aids healthcare organizations in reducing costs, increasing efficiency and reducing physicians' workload

Intraband home

Intraband, LLC

Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) technologies

ioGenetics home

Iogenetics LLC

Understanding the immune response through applies mathematics.

Isomark home

Isomark, LLC

Breath-based biomarkers that provide an early, pre-symptomatic warning of a developing severe infection

Leo Cancer Care/Asto CT

Stand-up CT scanner and radiotherapy system that reduces the cost of radiotherapy and improves cancer patient outcomes through upright positioning

Linectra home

Linectra Inc.

Printer manufacturer

Longevity Biotech home

Longevity Biotech

Therapeutic compounds that combine the targeting abilities of biologics with the stability of small molecules

Lynx Bio home

Lynx Biosciences

Personalized cancer treatments to patients.

Madison Vaccines home

Madison Vaccines Inc.

DNA vaccines intended to treat prostate cancer at crucial stages in the disease

MEI home

Medical Engineering Innovations, Inc.

More effective tools for liver surgery and localized cancer treatment by heat

Microfabrica home

Microfabrica, Inc.

High volume production microscale additive manufacturing platform

Neoclone home

NeoClone Biotechnology

Custom monoclonal antibodies for research, diagnostics and therapeutics

Neuro One home

NeuroOne Medical Technologies

Electrode platform for diagnostic and therapeutic neurological applications.

NG Pharma home

NG Pharma Limited

Pharmaceutical wholesaler

N Point home

nPoint, Inc.

Piezo stages, nanopositioners and nanopositioning systems for nanoscale research and manufacturing

OncoGone home

OncoGone, Inc.

Hydrogel implant that delivers a combination chemotherapy for treating brain cancers

OnLume home


Medical device for precise fluorescence image-guided surgery.

Pan Genome Systems home

Pan Genome Systems, Inc.

Vaccines and diagnostics to fight animal and human infectious diseases

Phantech home

Phantech LLC

Innovative and standarized medical imaging products using phantom technology.

PhaseTech home

PhaseTech Spectroscopy, Inc.

Cutting-edge femtosecond spectroscopy solutions

Phyto Colorants home

Phyto Colorants, LLC

Production of natural food dyes from high-pigment beets

PicoCal home

PicoCal Inc.

Micro-machined sensors and actuators for semiconductor, nanotechnology and other applications

Platypus Technologies home

Platypus Technologies, LLC

Sensors for industrial hygiene, environmental monitoring and research and cell-based assay systems for life science research

Procella Therapeutics home

Procella Therapeutics AB

Stem cell treatment for patients with advanced heart failure.

Promiss Diagnostics home

PROMISS Diagnostics, Inc.

Globally accessible, non-invasive and precise diagnostic test for ovarian cancer.

Prospero BioSciences home

Prospero BioSciences LLC

High mass molecule spectrometry detector with 15-fold better resolution

Purova Health & Science, LLC

Digestive health product.

Pyran home

Pyran LLC

Oil-based chemical out of corn cobs for the production of everyday materials such as nylon, paint and plastic.

Regenerative Medical Solution home

Regenerative Medical Solutions

Transform stem cells into insulin producing cells to cure diabetes.

Regenerative Patch Technologies home

Regenerative Patch Technologies

New treatments with stem cell innovations

Salus home

Salus Discovery, LLC

Microfluidic devices for improved sample preparation

Scarab Genomics home

Scarab Genomics, LLC

Clean Genome® Multiple Deletion Series (MDS) E. coli

SciArt home

SciArt Software, Inc.

High-performance design analysis and next-generation topology optimization

Semma Therapeutics

Semma Therapeutics

Stem cell-based type 1 diabetes treatments

Shine home

Shine Medical Technologies

Safe, clean, affordable production of medical tracers and cancer treatment elements

Silatronix home

Silatronix, Inc.

Organosilicon compounds for energy storage devices, especially electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries

Simple Machines home

SimpleMachines, Inc.

Composable compute platform which accelerates the abilities of artificial intelligence and machine-learning

SonoPlot home

SonoPlot, Inc.

Microplotter for printing materials for printed electronics and biological spotting Microfabrication technologies that replace conventional switches and connectors

StemPharm home

Stem Pharm, Inc.

Advanced biomaterials for stem cell discovery and therapy

Stemina Biomarker Discovery home

Stemina Biomarker Discovery

Metabolomic technologies to understand cell biology in both health and disease

Sustain Holdings home

Stuart Therapeutics

Improved drug delivery using collagen mimetic peptides

Supportive Therapeutics home

Supportive Therapeutics, LLC

Medicines to reduce the serious side effects of cancer treatments

Synesis home

Synesis Nutrition, Inc.

Innovative drugs, medical foods and other products that improve the quality of human lives using phytochemistry.

systeMECH home

systeMECH, LLC

Developing manufacturing processes based on bonding and layer transfer.

UR-Water home

Ur-Water, LLC

Electrochemical water treatment

Voximetry home

Voximetry, Inc.

Predictive technology for radiopharmaceutical therapy

WI Cab home

Wicab, Inc.

BrainPort® V100, an oral electronic vision aid for profoundly blind individuals

WinnowGen home

WinnowGen, Inc.

Crop productivity maximization technology.

WiscMed home

Wisc Med, LLC

Wispr Digital Otoscope reliably provides a clear view of the eardrum

XCell Science home

XCell Science, Inc.

Generation of high quality and quantity of neural cells from human stem cells.

Xylome home

Xylome Corporation

Unconventional yeasts for production of second generation biofuel precursors from existing feedstocks


Alfa Light home


Reliable, rugged and efficient laser and electro-optical systems for defense and security applications

CDI home

Cellular Dynamics International

Fully functioning human cells in industrial quantities IPO preceded acquisition Acquired by Fujifilm in 2015

Imago home


LEAP™ microscope for 3-D structure and composition analysis at the nanoscale Acquired by Ametek in 2010

Lactic Solutions home

Lactic Solutions LLC

Developing genetically modified lactic acid bacteria products specifically for the biofuels industry. Acquired by Lallemand in 2017

LifeGen Technologies home

LifeGen Technologies LLC

Gene expression profiling as it relates to the aging process Acquired by Nu Skin Enterprises Inc. in 2011

Mirus home

Mirus Bio

Innovative nucleic acid research reagents Acquired by Roche in 2008

NeuWave Medical home

NeuWave Medical

Fast, minimally invasive and highly effective soft tissue ablation system Acquired by Ethicon in 2016

NimbleGen home

NimbleGen Inc.

DNA microarrays, consumables and instruments Acquired by Roche in 2007

SoftSwitching home

Soft Switching Technologies

Protection against voltage sags and momentary outages Acquired by Rockwell Automation in 2012

Stratatech home

Stratatech Corporation

Skin regeneration and repair products for therapeutic use Acquired by Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals in 2016

Third Wave Technologies home

Third Wave Technologies

Molecular diagnostics for DNA and RNA analysis applications Acquired by Hologic in 2008

Tissue Regeneration Systems home

Tissue Regeneration Systems

Skeletal reconstruction and bone regeneration technology

TomoTherapy home


Precise cancer treatment system IPO preceded acquisition Acquired by Accuray in 2011

Virent home

Virent Inc.

Platform that converts soluble biomass-derived sugars into gasoline, diesel and more Acquired by TESORO in 2016