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Submissions invited for WARF Accelerator Electrification Challenge Grant

WARF will award 2-3 grants from a $100K pool

Jeanan Yasiri Moe
Director of Strategic Communications
[email protected] | (608) 960-9892

MADISON, Wis. – The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation has launched a spring challenge focused on technologies that enable us to better use electricity from sources other than fossil fuels to power our buildings, vehicles and world. Principal Investigators (PIs) and their teams are invited to submit a brief disclosure form and questionnaire by April 8, 2022.

Learn more and submit.

Projects (even early-stage) that focus on any aspect of electrification will be considered, including: software, methods, processes, systems and devices for the electrical grid, grid resiliency, power distribution and optimization; electric vehicles and infrastructure; advanced energy controls; batteries; energy storage; capacitors; power electronics; energy generation and more. Proposed research should be completed within a year.

Submissions are due to WARF by April 8. Criteria include:

  • Project team must include a PI at UW-Madison or Morgridge Institute for Research
  • Technical readiness
  • Commercial potential
  • Concepts must be new (not something previously disclosed to WARF)

“Electrification is crucial to meeting the world’s future energy needs and decarbonizing the economy,” said Erik Iverson, CEO of WARF. “We’re thrilled to identify and support UW-Madison innovators rising to the challenge of climate change and affordable energy.”

“UW-Madison is a leader in energy research and technology development,” says Steve Ackerman, UW-Madison vice chancellor for research and graduate education. “This challenge will help us stay out in front of sustainably managing our planet’s natural resources while advancing the Wisconsin Idea.”

For questions contact Leah Haman, IP manager, at [email protected].

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