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Tune in to explore musical harmony and breakdown at SoundWaves webinar

Jeanan Yasiri Moe, Director of Strategic Communications
[email protected] | 608.960.9892

First-ever virtual session of the live music + science program

MADISON, Wis. – Join UW-Madison musicians and experts from astronomy to medicine and more for a special session of SoundWaves, to be streamed live on Friday, April 17, at 7:30 p.m. The program will explore the theme of systems breakdown – what happens when our world and music are stretched to the breaking point.

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SoundWaves combines thought-provoking science with live classical music performances. Each event revolves around a theme, exploring it first from many scientific angles and then through the lens of music.

The April 17 event will feature:

  • Ellen Zweibel (astronomy)
  • Michael Wagner (journalism and mass communication)
  • Charles Engel (economics)
  • Nasia Safdar (medicine)
  • Daniel Grabois (music and SoundWaves curator)
  • Performance of Anton Webern’s ultra-Romantic string quartet Langsamer Satz

“We humans love to create systems: governments, sewage systems, transportation routes, cell phone networks, musical languages,” says Prof. Daniel Grabois. “But what happens when systems break down? When an epidemic wipes out many systems at once? When musical harmony is stretched to the breaking point? Find out in the first ever SoundWaves virtual presentation.”

SoundWaves is free and open to the public. This series generally is held in-person at the Discovery Building on the UW-Madison campus. More at discovery.wisc.edu/SoundWaves.

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