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WARF Advances in Clean Tech | May 2024

Top licensing prospects from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Producing Phosphoric Acid and Ammonium Phosphates from Wastewater Streams
This method converts struvite and brushite from wastewater streams into known and well accepted phosphorous sources for fertilizers and fertilizer precursors.
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Cost-Effective Approach for Oxidative Catalytic Pretreatment of Plant Biomass
The improved method for deconstructing biomass for use in plant-derived products, including aromatics and non-petroleum-based fuels, uses a homogenous catalyst and co-oxidants.
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Pyridinium Derivatives for Use as Anolytes in Electrochemical Cells
This simplified, efficient hydrothermal synthesis procedure utilizes a readily available precursor with existing bulk-quantity supply chains and results in an ideal anolyte to enable Aqueous Organic Redox Flow Batteries (AORFBs) for grid-scale energy storage.
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Glassy Organic Framework Ion-Conductive Membranes
A team of materials scientists has developed a class of extremely robust yet inexpensive ion exchange membranes based on glassy organic frameworks​​​​​​ for use in electrochemical systems like redox flow batteries.
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High-Energy Plasma Generator with Permanent Magnet Divertor
This novel permanent magnet arrangement can divert the magnetic field lines away from hot magnetically confined plasmas in open and closed geometries to control MHD stability, improve neutral particle control and reduce the intensity of heating on material surfaces.
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Featured UW-Madison Researcher

Dawei Feng, Assistant Professor of Materials Science & Engineering

“As the energy sector increases their use of renewables like wind and solar, advanced solutions for energy storage are vitally important for storing excess energy during peak production times for use during peak demand times. This is why I’m excited about Dawei’s new chemistries for battery applications and their potential to bring affordable grid energy storage to the market.”

Michael Carey, WARF Licensing Manager

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