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WARF Advances in Health Care | June 2024

Top licensing prospects from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

cfDNA Fragmentomic Detection of Cancer
This method of identifying and characterizing DNA fragmentation patterns in circulating tumor cells uses targeted ctDNA panels rather than whole genome sequencing.
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MR Imaging to Detect Placental Abnormalities
A UW-Madison radiologist has developed a method to depict placental anatomy and maternal and fetal circulations using ferumoxytol and image post-processing.
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Efficient Clinical Trial Enrichment in Alzheimer’s Disease
This method uses imaging data and a deep learning algorithm to quickly distinguish which patients are likely to progress to developing Alzheimer’s disease.
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Non-Invasive Sensory Systems to Titrate Cranial Nerve Stimulation to Enhance Brain Clearance 
Electrical stimulation of cranial nerves can increase the breakdown and clearance of waste molecules from the brain. This method uses sensors to optimize stimulation parameters.
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Enhanced Bacteriotherapy for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases 
This novel platform can selectively and sustainably scavenge reactive oxygen species (ROS) in inflamed colon tissues while also improving probiotic delivery for gut microbiota homeostasis modulation.
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Assessing Electrocortical Consequences of Brain Injury 
UW-Madison researchers and collaborators have developed a method that quantifies and monitors the degree of local functional alteration in the brain after structural damage from stroke, tumor growth or traumatic injury.
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pH-Responsive Nanoparticle for Delivery of Ribonucleoproteins
The polymeric nanoparticle can be used to package and deliver a CRISPR/Cas protein/guide RNA complex and, optionally, a single stranded DNA repair template into cells for gene therapy.
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Featured UW-Madison Researchers

Reid Alisch, Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery, & David Plante, Associate Professor of Psychiatry

“Reid and David have collaborated to uncover how DNA methylation plays a role in sleep – something so fundamental to human health. Their complementary expertise makes this an exciting project with great potential.”

Jennifer Gottwald, WARF Director of Licensing

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