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Information Technology
Information Technology
Data Mart with Web Inquiry to PeopleSoft Financials Data
WARF: P00270US

Inventors: Janet Eubanks, David Mandelin

The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) is seeking commercial partners interested in a Web-based software application that provides ready access to financial data in PeopleSoft.
ERP implementations often present challenges for distributing information in a high-performance, cost-effective manner.
The Invention
UW-Madison computer scientists have now developed a Web-based software application providing ready access to financial data in PeopleSoft, a state-of-the-art public sector accounting system. Rather than accessing the operational database, the application, called WISDM for Wisconsin data mart, uses a high-performance extract database (the data mart) to deliver PeopleSoft data to users. The WISDM application allows users to access financial ledger pages via a simple Web interface. By clicking individual cells in these pages, the user can drill down to a list of transactions and journals supporting the cell total. Links from these lists allow the user to view the actual source document (e.g., purchase order) in the PeopleSoft database itself. WISDM also provides several simple query interfaces into various journals, transaction lists and source documents that have been transferred into the data mart from PeopleSoft Financials. Because PeopleSoft does not support any custom exports at this time, each site using the WISDM software must develop its own export mechanism.
  • Provides ready access to real-time PeopleSoft Financials data for thousands of end users via the Web
Key Benefits
  • Eliminates the expense and effort required to set up, configure and install PeopleSoft client software on large numbers of work stations
  • Easy to use – requires minimal training and suitable for all types of end users
  • Optimized to give quick response times
  • Includes a flexible, decentralized authorization scheme
  • System was successfully scaled from 200 to 2500 users over a nine-month period without noticeable slowdown in response time.
For current licensing status, please contact Emily Bauer at [javascript protected email address] or 608-960-9842