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Medical Imaging
Medical Imaging
Rf Coil Assembly And Method For Practicing Magnetization Transfer On Magnetic Resonance Imaging And
WARF: P06257US

Inventors: Sean Fain, Matthew Erickson, Krishna Kurpad, James Holmes, Thomas Grist

The Invention
An RF coil assembly for an MRI system includes a resonator formed by a cylindrical shield and pairs of opposing conductive legs disposed symmetrically around a central axis and extending the axial length of the shield. One set of conductive leg pairs is tuned to operate at the Larmor frequency of 13C and another set is tuned to operate at the Larmor frequency of 1H. Drive circuitry operates the RF coil assembly to produce 1H spin magnetization which is transferred to 13C magnetization by the nuclear overhauser effect and to acquire MR data from the 13C spins. Multinuclear measurements can be made simultaneously at different Larmor frequencies.
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