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Medical Imaging
Medical Imaging
Mpr Slice Selection For Visualization Of Catheter In Three-Dimensional Ultrasound
WARF: P110050US02

Inventors: Amish Raval, Charles Hatt, Vijay Parthasarathy, Ameet Jain

The Invention
A system employs an interventional tool (30), ultrasound imaging system and a multi-planar reformatting module (40). The interventional tool (30) has one or more image tracking points (31). The ultrasound imaging system includes an ultrasound probe (20) operable for generating an ultrasound volume image (22) of a portion or an entirety of the interventional tool (30) within an anatomical region. The multi-planar reformatting imaging module (40) generates two or more multi- planar reformatting images (41) of the interventional tool (30) within the anatomical region. A generation of the two multi-planar reformatting images (41) includes an identification of each image tracking point (31) within the ultrasound volume image (22), and a utilization of each identified image tracking point (31) as an origin of the multi-planar reformatting images (41).
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