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Medical Imaging
Medical Imaging
Ultrasound Phantom Having A Curved Surface
WARF: P110326US01

Inventors: Ernest Madsen, Gary Frank

The Invention
A phantom used in quality assurance and performance tests and/or in pre-purchase testing of ultrasound scanners is provided. The phantom includes a container, a boundary formed within the container, and a curved scanning surface. The container includes a top surface, a bottom surface opposite the top surface, and a wall mounted between the top surface and the bottom surface to form the container. The boundary is configured to hold a tissue mimicking material. The curved scanning surface is formed in the top surface in a direction towards an interior of the container. The curved scanning surface is shaped to support translation perpendicular to an image plane of an application end of an ultrasound transducer along at least a portion of an axis extending between a first location on the curved scanning surface and a second location on the curved scanning surface.
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