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Medical Devices
Medical Devices
System And Method For Enhanced Knowledge Consolidation By Sleep Slow Wave Induction And Sensory Context Re-Creation
WARF: P130096US02

Inventors: Giulio Tononi, Michele Bellesi, Gary Garcia Molina, Joanne Westerink

The Invention
The present disclosure pertains to a system for enhancing knowledge consolidation in a subject during sleep. New declarative memories may be better consolidated by presenting sensory stimuli during slow wave sleep that correspond to sensory stimuli presented during prior wakeful learning. The sensory stimuli may include odors, sounds, visual stimulation, touches, tastes, and/or other types of sensory stimuli. The system is configured to provide a prompt sensory stimulus during slow wave sleep that corresponds to a wakeful stimulus provided during wakeful learning. The prompt sensory stimulus may prompt enhanced knowledge consolidation in the subject. In some embodiments, the system may comprise one or more of a slow wave sleep inducer, a sensory stimulator, a sensor, a processor, electronic storage, a user interface, and/or other components.
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