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Medical Devices
Medical Devices
System And Method For Sleep Session Management Based On Slow Wave Sleep Activity In A Subject
WARF: P130098US02

Inventors: Giulio Tononi, Brady Riedner, Michele Bellesi, Gary Garcia Molina, Sander Pastoor, Stefan Pfundtner

The Invention
The present disclosure pertains to a system and method for managing a sleep session of a subject. Managing the sleep session is based on slow wave activity in the subject during the sleep session. Slow wave activity is related to sleep pressure. Sleep pressure dissipates and/or decreases as the subject sleeps. The dissipation dynamics depend on a given subject. The manner in which dissipation occurs regulates the length of the given sleep session and is linked to the temporal dynamics of slow wave activity. The system is configured to determine a metric indicating sleep pressure dissipation and, responsive to the determined sleep pressure dissipation metric indicating that sleep pressure dissipation has reached a dissipation threshold level during the sleep session, wake the subject.
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