Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Integrated Rotor for an Electrical Machine and Compressor
WARF: P140123US01

Inventors: Bulent Sarlioglu, Yingjie Li

The Invention
An electric machine includes a rotor, a stator, and a winding. The rotor includes a rotor core and blades extending from the rotor core. Each blade is curved in an axial direction along the rotor core and is simultaneously configured as a pole that carries a magnetic flux of the electrical machine and as an airfoil that compresses a gas when the rotor is rotated. The gas flows axially between successive blades of the blades. The stator includes a stator core and teeth extending from the stator core toward the blades. Slots are defined between successive teeth. The winding is wound through at least two slots. The stator is mounted radially relative to the rotor so that a gap separates the blades from an exterior face of the teeth that is axially aligned along the stator core to follow an axial edge of a blade of the blades.
Additional Information
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