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Medical Devices
Medical Devices
System And Method For Adjusting The Intensity Of Sensory Stimulation During Sleep Based On Sleep Spindles
WARF: P140363US02

Inventors: Giulio Tononi, Michele Bellesi, Brady Riedner, Gary Garcia Molina, Stefan Pfundtner

The Invention
The present disclosure pertains to a system configured to adjust an intensity of sensory stimulation delivered to a subject during a sleep session based on sleep spindles in the subject during the sleep session. The system is configured to adjust the intensity of the stimulation based on a sleep spindle frequency and/or a sleep spindle density. The system is configured to determine a recent spindle density and/or a recent spindle frequency for a recent period of time during the sleep session based on detected sleep spindles, and to determine a previous spindle density and/or a previous spindle frequency for a previous period of time during the sleep session based on the detected sleep spindles. The system controls the intensity of sensory stimulation provided to the subject based on a comparison of the previous spindle density to the recent spindle density and/or the previous spindle frequency to the recent spindle frequency.
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