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Medical Imaging
Medical Imaging
System And Method For High-Temporal Resolution, Time-Resolved Cone Beam Ct Angiography
WARF: P160332US01

Inventors: Guang-Hong Chen, Charles Strother

The Invention
A system and method for reconstructing an image using a cone-beam computed tomography (CT) imaging system includes acquiring data from a subject with the CT imaging system using a limited scan range that is less than 360 degrees. The process also includes reconstructing at least one image of the subject having a first temporal resolution from the data acquired, performing a temporal deconvolution of the at least one image using a finite temporal window to generate at least one image of the subject with a second temporal resolution that is greater than the first temporal resolution, and subtracting the at least one image of the subject with the second temporal resolution and a mask image of the subject to generate a time-resolved CT angiogram of the subject.
Additional Information
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