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Information Technology
Information Technology
Movement Monitoring System
WARF: P170280US02

Inventors: Robert Radwin, Xuan Wang, Yu Hen Hu, Nicholas Difranco

The Invention
A monitoring system may include an input port, an output port, and a controller in communication with the input port and the output port. The input port may receive video from an image capturing device. The image capturing device is optionally part of the monitoring system and in some cases includes at least part of the controller. The controller may be configured to receive video via the input port and identify a subject within frames of the video relative to a background within the frames. Further, the controller may be configured to identify dimensions and/or other parameters of the identified subject in frames of the video and determine when the subject is performing a predetermined task. Based on the dimensions and/or other parameters identified or extracted from the video during the predetermined task, the controller may output via the output port assessment information.
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