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Clean Technology
Clean Technology
High-Solubility Thioether Quinones for Use as Redox Mediators
WARF: P170383US02

Inventors: Shannon Stahl, James Gerken

The Invention
Substituted hydroquinones and quinones and methods of synthesizing such compounds are disclosed herein. The substituted hydroquinones have the formula: [Image Omitted] while the substituted quinones have the corresponding oxidized structure (1,4-benzoquinones). One, two, three, or all four of R1, R2, R3 and R4 comprise a thioether moiety and a sulfonate moiety, and wherein each R1, R2, R3 and R4 that does not comprise a thioether and a sulfonate moiety sulfonate moiety is independently a hydrogen, an alkyl or an electron withdrawing group. The substituted hydroquinones and quinones are soluble in water, stable in aqueous acid solutions, and have a high reduction potential in the oxidized form. Accordingly, they can be used as redox mediators in emerging technologies, such as in mediated fuel cells or organic-mediator flow batteries.
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