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High Throughput Nucleic Acid Profiling Of Single Cells
WARF: P180094US02

Inventors: Philip Romero, Leland Hyman

The Invention
Methods of profiling the nucleic acid composition of single cells and tools for same. The methods can include isolating a single cell in a liquid droplet, lysing the single cell in the liquid droplet to release template nucleic acid from the cell, amplifying the template nucleic acid in the liquid droplet to generate amplified nucleic acid, and detecting the amplified nucleic acid in the liquid droplet. The methods can be useful for profiling expression patterns and/or detecting genetic characteristics such as single nucleotide polymorphisms. The tools include nucleic acid logic gates, including polymerase-dependent logic gates. The logic gates can perform logical operations such as YES, NOT, AND, OR, AND-NOT, NOT-AND, NOT-OR, EXCLUSIVE-OR, EXCLUSIVE-NOR, and IMPLY. The tools also include microfluidic systems for performing the methods.
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