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Medical Imaging
Medical Imaging
System And Method For Non-Invasive, Quantitative Measurement Of Blood Flow Parameters In Vascular Networks
WARF: P180127US01

Inventors: Gabriel Shaughnessy

The Invention
A system and method are provided for generating time resolved series of angiographic volume data having flow information. The system and method are configured to receive angiographic volume data acquired from a subject having received a dose of a contrast agent using an imaging system and process the angiographic volume data to generate angiographic volume images. The angiographic volume data is processed to select a seed vessel in the vessel network, determine a plurality of branch vessels connected to the seed vessel and extending to form a vessel network, determine independent and dependent vessels in the vessel network, apply a flow model to the vessel network, and generate a flow map to be displayed with the angiographic volume images to illustrate time-resolved vascular volumes displaying flow within the vessel network.
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