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Information Technology
Systems, Methods, And Media For Determining Object Motion In Three Dimensions From Light Field Image Data
WARF: P180154US01

Inventors: Mohit Gupta, Sizhuo Ma, Brandon Smith

The Invention
In accordance with some embodiments, systems, methods and media for determining object motion in three dimensions using light field image data are provided. In some embodiments, a system for three dimensional motion estimation is provided, comprising: an image sensor; optics that create many images of a scene; and a hardware processor configured to: cause the image sensor to capture a first plurality of images; generate a first light field; cause the image sensor to capture a second plurality of images at a second time; generate a second light field; calculate light field gradients using the first light field and second light field; and calculate, for each point in the scene, three dimensional motion using the light field gradients by applying a constraint to the motion in the scene.
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