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Medical Imaging
Medical Imaging
System And Methods For Ultra Low Does Ct Fluoroscopy
WARF: P190286US02

Inventors: Charles Mistretta, Fred Lee

The Invention
According to at least one aspect, a method for computed tomography (CT) fluoroscopy can include acquiring a plurality of pairs of projections of an interventional device using CT fluoroscopy. Each pair of the projections can be obtained at a predetermined first angular separation greater than a second angular separation used for a full dose CT scan of a target object, by rotating a gantry of a CT scanner. The method can include identifying a position of the interventional device in real time for each pair of the projections, using back-projection of images of the interventional device from the respective pair of projections. The method can include superimposing an image of the interventional device on a 3-D image of an anatomical region at an identified position of the interventional device.
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