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Information Technology
Information Technology
Implementation of System Dependence Graphs
WARF: P97131US

Inventors: Thomas Reps

The Invention
This software program consists of a collection of C modules (C-type definitions and associated code) for implementing:
  • System dependent graphs -- a data structure representing the dependencies that hold among program elements (see link below)
  • Algorithms for program slicing and chopping
  • Other miscellaneous processing, such as diagnostics and test programs
  • A specification for a browsing tool for viewing slices, chops, etc.
Key Benefits
  • Enables detection of dependencies among program elements, which focuses the user’s attention on portions of a program relevant to a particular computation
  • Useful for creating program “projections” (reduced or simplified programs)
  • Slicing and chopping operations are carried out on system dependence graphs, rather than computed by iterative calculations
  • Slicing and chopping operations are “precise up to valid paths” – that is, only dependencies that reflect matched call/return patterns are reported
Additional Information
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