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WARF Accelerator provides support to help technologies reach commercially significant milestones.

Does your project qualify?

  • Projects selected must be designed to advance commercialization of patents or patent applications that are assigned to WARF.
  • Projects must have a significant market or public benefit potential.
  • You must have a specific milestone in mind that will enhance the commercial potential of the technology.
  • You need to be a qualified Principal Investigator at UW-Madison or the Morgridge Institute for Research. You are also responsible for all the necessary approvals to conduct your research. The program does not accept applications from companies or others attempting to form companies.
  • Projects must fall under one of our market focus areas:

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What does the process look like?

  1. The first step is to submit your invention to us through our Innovation Disclosure . If you’ve already disclosed, talk with your licensing manager  or email [email protected] to determine if you’re a candidate for WARF Accelerator.
  2. Next, you’ll meet WARF’s Intellectual Property and Licensing Team  to decide if your emerging technology will move forward. They will help you select milestones that are commercially important and within the scope of the program.
  3. PIs selected for consideration will work with their licensing manager and the WARF Accelerator team to prepare a proposal. If your invention is approved, we will ask you to submit a short application form including a project budget and approval from your department, as well as a written and oral project proposal.
  4. Proposals will be presented to a group of select Catalysts and WARF managers. This group will recommend awards and other support along with specific milestones.

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If approved, what does support from WARF Accelerator involve?

  • WARF Accelerator and our Catalysts will determine funding and industry expertise resources based on your specific project needs. These awards are administered through the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (OVCR).
  • Support could be financial or connecting you to resources for inventors like the opportunity to work with Catalysts, consultants or contractors to accomplish goals.
  • Support might be different than what you request. It’ll be linked to accomplishing milestones and may be provided in phases.
  • WARF Accelerator doesn’t fund the salary of the PI and we don’t typically fund the purchase of capital equipment. Travel is sometimes funded with specific justification.
  • WARF will provide a written commitment letter that describes the support you’ll receive and the requirements of the PI. You’ll get a new letter for each subsequent phase of the project once milestones have been met and progress has been reviewed.
  • WARF and OVCR will verify funds are being spent appropriately and fund the account each semester based on actual expenditures.
  • You’ll communicate the project’s progress by:
    • Providing periodic progress reports.
    • Attending WARF Accelerator update meetings.
    • Providing information to assist in promoting WARF Accelerator.
    • Meeting regularly with your Licensing Manager and the WARF Accelerator team to help commercialize the technology.