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WARF Advances in Clean Tech | January 2023

Top licensing prospects from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Efficient Method for Synthesizing Nylon Polymers from Furfural
The new electrochemical-driven process developed by UW-Madison chemists utilizes water in place of hydrogen gas, reduces toxic waste and can achieve selectivities nearing 100 percent.
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‘Green’ Tylenol: Synthesizing Acetaminophen from Renewable Biomass 
This inexpensive method for synthesizing the active ingredient in Tylenol and other pain relievers from lignin could be integrated into the biorefining process to improve the overall economics of alternative energy production.
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Recycling of Plastics by Solvent-Targeted Recovery and Precipitation (STRAP)
The Center for Chemical Upcycling of Waste Plastics has developed a method to produce food-grade recyclable PE, PP, EVOH and PET from post-industrial and post-consumer multilayer plastic packaging.
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High Yield Method to Produce HMF from Fructose  
This method, which can be integrated into the conventional route for making high fructose corn syrup, efficiently converts a concentrated fructose stream to HMF in high yield (>90 percent) at high fructose conversion (>94 percent).
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Enzymatic Depolymerization of Lignin
Unlike existing chemical methods, this new bio-based route eliminates expensive catalysts and results in a well-defined set of aromatic monomers that are natural bioproducts, have not undergone chemical transformation and are more amenable to downstream processing/upgrading.
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Electrochemical Breaking of C-C Bonds
A team of chemical engineers has developed a cyclic electrochemical method for recycling plastics that addresses the shortcomings of pyrolysis and can be powered by renewably sourced electricity.
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