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WARF Advances in Engineering and Computer Science | November 2022

Top licensing prospects from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

New, Lightweight Material to Protect Against Bullets and Other High-Speed Impacts
A UW engineering physics team is using carbon nanotubes to make armor that’s stronger than Kevlar.
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Making Telecommunications More Affordable
These material scientists are using graphene to deliver fiber optics to hard-to-reach communities.
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Testing the Strength of Soft Materials
This team of mechanical engineers is measuring cheese and other soft materials with acoustic waves.
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Control and Disrupt: Next-Generation Semiconductors Outperform Silicon
Go behind-the-scenes with the team pitching a tiny but powerful material that can outgun silicon to enable next-gen electronics.
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Vanadium Dioxide Design Solution for Ultrafast Switches
These engineers have developed vanadium dioxide-based switches capable of metal-insulator transition near room temperature in practical thin films.
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