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WARF Advances in Engineering and Computer Science | November 2023

Top licensing prospects from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Alloy Protects Materials at High Temperatures
Materials science and engineering researchers developed a novel molybdenum alloy that can endure 1600-degree heat, making it useful for hypersonic jets and jet turbines.
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Compositions for Stabilizing Metal-Free Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization
A team of chemists developed a solvent-less method for producing polymers used in biomedical engineering, photovoltaics and more.
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Balanced Current-Source Inverter
This switching circuit for a balanced current-source inverter with increased fault tolerance and reliability is particularly suited for aerospace and megawatt uses.
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Automatic Error Estimate Correction for a Machine Learning Model
Implemented in software, this method for correcting the error estimate of a prediction leverages existing data sets to compute curve descriptive values that are used as a comparator, which can ultimately be used to improve a model’s domain.
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Low-Defect-Density Gamma Phase Aluminum Oxide Substrates for Heteroepitaxial Synthesis
The single crystal γ-Al2O3 thin films with low-defect density created via this method can be used as substrates for the synthesis of oxides with cubic or hexagonal structures.
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Generating and Using Spiking Neural Networks with Improved Efficiency
This approach seamlessly integrates latency and accuracy, resulting in a smooth Pareto optimal latency-accuracy tradeoff curve, and can be used for computer vision devices with stringent latency, computational and power budgets.
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