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WARF Ventures invests in select startup companies within the UW community. The team provides focused support and resources to advance technologies from UW-Madison and the Morgridge Institute for Research.

Since the last Accelerator Pipeline (June 2020), WARF Ventures made investments in early stage companies working to treat rare diseases, support new artists and solve other critical problems. Visit warf.org/ventures to learn more.


Atrility Medical home

Atrility Medical

Medical device startup commercializing the AtriAmp, which allows for direct monitoring of atrial electrical signals in existing bedside monitors, enabling proactive and rapid detection of AFib and atrial arrhythmias without the need for a mobile ECG.


Hubble Therapeutics

Hubble Therapeutics

Novel gene therapies to treat diseases of the eye, including LCA-16, a rare pediatric blindness disease.


LÜM home

LÜM(Live Undiscovered Music), a music streaming platform dedicated to helping listeners discover and support new artists that allows for direct-to-artist virtual support via in-app currency.