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Essential Topics explains the process of working with WARF

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Jeanan Yasiri Moe
Director of Strategic Communications and Public Affairs
[email protected] | (608) 960-9892

MADISON, Wis. – Have you ever wondered how an idea from a UW-Madison lab becomes a life-changing product? The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation has produced a series of videos – WARF Essential Topics – intended to help you understand the work WARF does to advance transformative discoveries along their journey and how you can partner with WARF.

Hear from Michael Falk, who explains how WARF transfers technology from the lab to the market and supports the university’s research mission. He also describes how WARF collaborates with researchers from different disciplines to find innovative solutions for global challenges.

Beth Fischer, Victoria Sutton and Kendra Hanslik explain what to expect when disclosing your idea to WARF. Beth discusses when and why you should consider submitting your innovation to our team, while Victoria and Kendra walk you through WARF’s innovation disclosure form.

How does WARF determine which ideas we patent? Jeanine Burmania and Justin Anderson share the criteria WARF considers when evaluating the patentability and commercial potential of your innovation.

Lesli Mark and Brian Dyck cover funding that may be available to you to advance your idea through WARF Accelerator or WARF Therapeutics. Lesli discusses how gap funding helps advance some of UW-Madison’s most promising and commercializable technologies, while Brian shares WARF Therapeutics’ approach to improving the value propositions of drug candidates.

Discover how WARF may be able to help if you’re considering developing a startup. Michael Carey and Josh Carson share common questions and discuss how WARF Ventures, an early-stage venture fund that invests in startups based on UW-Madison and WARF technologies, may be a resource for entrepreneurs.

“Our job at WARF is to partner with you to bring your ideas to the world,” says Erik Iverson, WARF CEO. “We invite you to watch Essential Topics and see how we can work together to make an impact.”

The videos are available at warf.org/Essential Topics. We hope you enjoy this series and encourage you to reach out to us with any questions.

About WARF

The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) helps steward the cycle of research, discovery, commercialization and investment for the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Founded in 1925 as an independent, nonprofit foundation, WARF manages more than 2,000 patents and an investment portfolio as it funds university research, obtains patents for campus discoveries and licenses inventions to industry. For more information, visit warf.org.