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WARF Advances in Health Care | February 2024

Top licensing prospects from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Regenerating and Renewing Heart Tissue
Meet the cell and regenerative biology team that has identified a protein that could regenerate heart tissue.

New Therapeutic for Glioblastoma, the Most Lethal Form of Brain Cancer
Meet the oncology researchers who developed a therapeutic vaccine for brain cancer.

PSMA-Targeting Ligands with Optimal Properties for Imaging and Therapy
This novel PSMA radionuclide disease-targeting agent, PSMA281, may be used for imaging and treating prostate and breast cancers.
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Broadly Protective Influenza B Virus Vaccines 
This series of influenza B viruses could be used to create vaccines against both the Victoria and Yamagata lineages.
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Reducing Operator Dose in Interventional CT
This method for reducing CT dose allows for live images that aid in needle placement for interventional procedures.
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