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"Mega Chip" (W1201), an Early Bulking, White Potato for Chipping
WARF: P01300US

Inventors: Jiming Jiang, Horia Groza, Bryan Bowen, Stanley Peloquin, Donald Kichefski

The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) is seeking commercial partners interested in new potato varieties.
Wisconsin is the nation's third largest producer of potatoes. According to the USDA, Wisconsin’s potato farmers produced nearly 29.0 million hundredweight of potatoes in 2009.
The Invention
A team of UW-Madison researchers has developed a superior white potato variety for chipping, called "Mega Chip." This variety shows good chip color when processed from the field and maintains its color through five months storage at 48 degrees Fahrenheit. It also exhibits greater resistance to common scab, a major potato disease, than the leading variety Snowden. The round-oval tubers have white, slightly netted skin and white flesh. This variety also has high specific gravity and low sugar content.
  • Potato production
Key Benefits
  • Displays early bulking for chipping from the field
  • Stores well through five months storage at 48 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Shows increased resistance to common scab
  • Has higher specific gravity than current varieties
  • Produces medium- to large-sized tubers
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