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GMP Protein Burns Fat, Boosts Bone Strength in Women
WARF: P110272US03

Inventors: Denise Ney, Chi-Liang Yen, David Nelson, Patrick Solverson

The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) is seeking commercial partners interested in developing dietary methods to fight body fat and increase bone mineral density in females using glycomacropeptide from cheese whey.
Bone mineral loss is a pervasive and potentially devastating consequence of aging. Post-menopausal women are at special risk for the fractures, fragility and debilitations linked to osteoporosis.

No foods or dietary supplements have been proven to increase bone mineralization, content or density. Glycomacropeptide (GMP) is a fat-fighting protein that also could fulfill this need. Found in cheese whey, GMP has been shown to improve fat metabolism, especially in females. Clearly, the protein holds promise as a dietary supplement to promote both healthy bones and body weight.
The Invention
UW–Madison researchers have developed dietary approach to increase bone mineralization and fat metabolism in female humans and animals using GMP. The peptide can be isolated from whey using standard methods and administered in an effective amount as a food product, nutraceutical or dietary supplement.
  • Treating or preventing osteoporosis, osteopenia and other conditions related to bone weakening
  • Fighting fat and obesity
  • Nutritional supplements
Key Benefits
  • GMP is naturally occurring and effective.
  • Easily digestible and can be consumed during exercise
  • Does not contain lactose
Stage of Development
The development of this technology was supported by WARF Accelerator. WARF Accelerator selects WARF's most commercially promising technologies and provides expert assistance and funding to enable achievement of commercially significant milestones. WARF believes that these technologies are especially attractive opportunities for licensing.
Additional Information
For More Information About the Inventors
For current licensing status, please contact Emily Bauer at [javascript protected email address] or 608-960-9842