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Medical Devices
Medical Devices
Stent Apparatus And Method
WARF: P130359US01

Inventors: Matthew Halanski, Taylor Jaraczewski, Lucas Schimmelpfenning, Stephen Kernien, Cody Bindl, Kyle Jamar

The Invention
A bone stent facilitates bone fixation via interior contact, as may be useful for flexible entry into a sidewall of an elongated bone. As consistent with one or more embodiments, a stent includes proximal and distal end caps connected by a plurality of elongated members extending longitudinally between the end caps, and a flexible cable extending through the proximal end cap and connected to one of the end caps. The flexible cable, end caps and elongated members are responsive to the end caps being moved toward one another by laterally bending the elongated members outwardly away from one another, with the cable fixing the elongated members in the compressed state (e.g., while applying pressure to the interior sidewalls of a bone). When the end caps are released from the compressed state, the longitudinal compressive force is released and the elongated members elastically return to the uncompressed state.
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