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Clean Technology
Clean Technology
Use Of Bacteriocin-Producing Ethanologens In Biofuel Production
WARF: P150184US02

Inventors: James Steele, Jeffrey Broadbent, Ekkarat Phrommao

The Invention
An ethanologen for producing biofuel from one or more carbohydrates and reducing lactate and acetate production in a biofuel manufacturing process. The ethanologen is made by introducing into the ethanologen one or more exogenous genes required for production of a bacteriocin. The resulting ethanologen reduces lactate and acetate production by contaminant lactic acid bacteria by expression of the bacteriocin during the biofuel manufacturing process. Certain resulting ethanologens ferment sugars not naturally or not preferentially utilized by Saccharomyces cerevisiae during the manufacturing process
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