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Device And Method For Enhancing The Feeding Response Of Larval Fish
WARF: P150250US02

Inventors: Terence Barry

The Invention
A device and method are provided for enhancing the feeding response of larval fish to feedstock. A food distribution mechanism is positionable above the tank housing the larval fish and is adapted for receiving the feedstock therein. The food distribution mechanism selectively deposits portions of the feedstock into the tank. A light source is positionable adjacent the tank and selectively directs a laser beam at the tank. A controller is operatively connected to the food distribution mechanism and the light source. The controller is configured to actuate the food distribution mechanism for a time period at selected intervals such that the food distribution mechanism deposits a portion of the feedstock into the tank during each time period. In addition, the controller is configured to actuate the light source for at least a portion of each time period.
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