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Non-Displasive Pipette
WARF: P160210US01

Inventors: David Beebe, David Guckenberger

The Invention
A non-displasive pipette is provided. The non-displasive pipette is configured for connection to a tip having a fluid therein. The tip includes an orifice to allow for the discharge of the fluid therefrom. The non-displasive pipette includes a body defining a chamber therethrough and having first and second opposite ends. The second end of the body is configured for connection to the tip. A plunger is slidably received in the chamber at the first end of the body. The plunger is moveable in the chamber between an extended position and a discharge position wherein the fluid is urged from tip through the orifice. An air discharge arrangement is configured to allow air from the chamber to escape therefrom and to maintain the fluid in the tip in response to connection of the second end of the body to the tip.
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