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Templated Synthesis Of Shape-Controlled Polymeric Nanofibers By Chemical Vapor Deposition (Cvd) In Liquid Crystals
WARF: P160245US02

Inventors: Nicholas Abbott, Marco Bedolla Pantoja, Kenneth Cheng, Joerg Lahann

The Invention
Methods are provided for fabricating functional nanostructures (e.g., nanowires/nanofibers) via chemical vapor deposition polymerization of paracyclophanes or substituted paracyclophanes onto and through a structured fluid, such as a film of liquid crystals, on a substrate. A one-step process is provided that does not require the use of any solid templates, nor does it require any volatile solvents, additives or catalysts. The resulting nanowires/nanofibers can be in the form of aligned nanowires/nanofibers arrays supported on any solid material, in the form of nanofibers mats supported on porous materials, or as individual free-standing nanowires/nanofibers. By using chiral liquid crystals, chiral nanofibers can be fabricated. The functional nanowires/nanofibers can contain one or more type of surface reactive groups that allows for post surface chemical modifications on the nanowires/nanofibers. Such nanostructures can be used in a range of different applications, including in biomedical applications.
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