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Medical Devices
Medical Devices
Adaptor To Allow Electrogram Visualization And Pacing From Temporary Epicardial Wires
WARF: P160388US01

Inventors: Nicholas Von Bergen, Philip Terrien, Matthew Knoespel, Connor Sheedy, James Olson, Randal Mills

The Invention
A connector block that permits simultaneous and continuous interconnection of the three leads of the epicardial pacing wires, the pacemaker, and the ECG monitor on clear separately labeled connectors is provided. Circuitry is provided that allows the display of epicardial signals on the telemetry unit, while still preserving the ability to pace the heart from the pacemaker. When pacing the connector block prevents excessive loading of the pacer signals by the ECG monitor and/or damage to the monitor by the high-voltage pacer signals. The connector block may be used universally on all monitors without the need for sophisticated understanding of the electrical characteristics of the ECG monitor or concern for damage or improper signal loading.
Additional Information
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