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Medical Devices
Medical Devices
Microorganisms And Methods For Producing Biologics And Introducing Biologics To Sites
WARF: P170009US02

Inventors: Jan Peter Van Pijkeren, Jeehwan Oh

The Invention
Microorganisms comprising a maltose-inducible promoter and methods of use in producing biologics and introducing biologics to sites in a maltose-dependent manner. The microorganisms include a maltose-inducible promoter operably connected to a coding sequence of a biologic. The biologic may be a polypeptide or a nucleic acid. Polypeptide biologics may include lytic proteins and/or secreted proteins. Nucleic acid biologics may include antisense RNA, other types of RNA, or other types of nucleic acids. The microorganisms can be used to produce the biologics and/or introduce the biologics to in vitro or in vivo sites in a maltose-dependent manner. The microorganisms can also be used in maltose-dependent gene silencing.
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