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Medical Devices
Medical Devices
Microwave Ablation Antenna System With Reflector And Slot
WARF: P170098US01

Inventors: Nader Behdad, Susan Hagness, Yahya Mohtashami

The Invention
An antenna system is provided that includes a coaxial cable, an antenna, a reflector wall, and a slot wall. The reflector wall is formed of a conductive material connected to a conductive shield to extend in an axial direction, is separated from an antenna conductor by a second dielectric material in a radial direction relative to the antenna conductor, and partially surrounds the antenna conductor in the radial direction from a first angle to a second angle when projected into a radial plane. The slot wall is formed through a portion of the conductive shield to expose a dielectric material from a third angle to a fourth angle when projected into the radial plane, is formed on a first side relative to a base. The first angle, the second angle, the third angle, and the fourth angle are defined relative to a common axis parallel to the radial plane.
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