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Medical Devices
Medical Devices
Syringe Attachment Device And Methods
WARF: P170216US02

Inventors: Robert Radwin, Joseph Ulbrich, Thomas Yen

The Invention
A syringe adapter having a syringe holder and an actuator are disclosed. The syringe holder may include a fixed portion that may receive a barrel of a syringe and an adjustable portion adjustably positioned relative to the fixed portion, where the adjustable portion may receive a plunger of the syringe. To facilitate aspirating fluid to and/or dispensing fluid from the syringe, the actuator may be selectively actuated with one or more digits or a palm of a user's hand to adjust a position of the adjustable portion. The selective actuation of the actuator may be performed with one or more digits of the user while two or more other digits are engaging a portion of the adapter adjacent a dispensing end of the syringe. The adapter may include a gear system translating movement of the actuator to movement of the adjustable portion of the syringe holder.
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