Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Joint Structures
WARF: P170335US01

Inventors: Natalie Rudolph, Alec Redmann

The Invention
Aspects of the present disclosure are directed to a three-dimensional joint and/or formation thereof, such as by 3D-printing the joint. The joint is provided with an interface region having a curable material in a curable state. The joint is positioned with the interface region in contact with a joinable member, and the interface region is cured to form a bond between the joint and the joinable member. Such an approach may, for example, involve forming a mechanical and/or chemical bond with the joint. Further, by utilizing such a joint (e.g., in a 3D-printed form), complex structural components can be formed from a curable material that can be partially cured with structures formed therein, and cured further to create the bond.
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